Please meet the Morrow family. This family was the first Home Study Grant recipient and also the first of the grant families to complete their adoption journey. Dream4Adoption is grateful to be a part of their adoption journey. As we await the other families to finalize their steps to complete their adoptions, feel free to review the testimonial of the Morrow family and feel free to revisit for updates from some of the other families that received a Home Study Grant from Dream4Adoption.



What an incredible blessing Dream4Adoption has been for our family. There are no other grants out there that I know of as of now who help with home study costs specifically. For us, this grant was huge because we had additional unexpected home study costs as we had to update our home study due to it expiring, as our adoption process took longer than expected. We are incredibly grateful for Dream 4 Adoption and their commitment to adoptive families at large, especially as they fill in the gap for what is missing in terms of home study financial assistance.

Erin and Zawadi Morrow