Adoption is not always easy, with surprises that explore the gambit of possibilities. Dream4Adoption is opening this new resource to be an additional option for those that are seeking help as they find their way through the adoption process, into the adaption of adding a child into your life and that first several months to years when circumstances can be difficult.

Support can be found in many places, but sometimes it helps to talk with someone that has been down that road, has knowledge from being involved in the adoption process or a working professional. Dream4Adoption is building a support team with volunteers that have experience with adoptions. Our volunteers may not be able to provide feedback for all the questions you have because of the complexity of adoptions and the rules/laws that surround every county, state, country, agencies and so forth.

The Dream4Adoption Adoption HelpLine is not intended as a service to provide any tangible items, including any financial assistance. This program is intended to provide help to those struggling in their adoption process. General adoption questions, financial questions or questions regarding legal matters, should be referred to organizations that specialize in those matters.

Our service is limited and will be operated by volunteers. Dream4Adoption cannot provide any certified, licensed or other working professionals at this time. Any information shared will be kept confidential and the only information tracked may include area code, time of call and length of call. These will be kept for statistical purposes and used to show the need for this program. The volunteers are not employed by Dream4Adoption and do not claim to represent the views, beliefs or otherwise regarding the organization. The volunteers may share experiences, options or other information for the caller, which is strictly provided for informational purposes. Liability shall fall onto the caller for anything derived from the Dream4Adoption Adoption HelpLine. Calling the Dream4Adoption Adoption HelpLine is an acknowledgement of the above.

If you need someone to talk to, please send an email to:

so we can schedule a day and time as soon as we can make it available.