Welcome to our founding program. Under this program Dream4Adoption will be accepting applications for grants for the home study phase of adopting families. This program seeks to fund up $1,500.00 directly to the agency/lawyer or other entity involved in your home study phase. There is also a bonus of $500.00 for the family when they complete the post adoption process.

Funding for this program is coming from public and private donations. As funds become available, Dream4Adoption will be able to fund more grants.

Our goal is simple, reduce the cost of adoption so families can be built. If money is the reason that you are waiting to adopt, we want to help. There are an estimated 140,000,000 orphans in the world and I am sure there are enough families for them all.

Please keep in mind, every application shows that there is a need for this kind of support. Every application gives us a statistic to share with those that can help us to provide funding. We are on the team of those that want to adopt, join us in bringing children into a forever family.

Although the application process looks scary, especially if this is your first. Take your time and push through. There are many other grants that ask for the same information and you can save a copy to fill out future grant applications.

To qualify, your adoption process has to show that you have at minimum, an approval through an agency, lawyer or other service provider. We ask that you have an application post marked before you travel to bring your child home.

Print the 4 PDF files below to begin your Dream4Adoption Adoption Assistance Grant. The Grant opens November 18, 2017 and the last submissions will be taken to applicants postmarked by August 31, 2018.

Please note that reference letters and completed forms should all be sent in one package to the mailing address.


Click on each yellow link below to download the file

Dream4Adoption Checklist for Assistance

Dream4Adoption Criteria and Consent for Assistance

Dream4Adoption Financial for Assistance

Dream4Adoption Application for Assistance