Each year Dream4Adoption will be hosting events. Our organization is about families and these events celebrate family. Please join us as a volunteer or sign up for one of the events. We have launched our 2nd annual Egg My Yard fundraising event. We also have a tentative date of September 22nd 2018 for our 2nd annual Family Fun Run in Fort Bend County Texas.


Family Fun Run

2017 Dream4Adoption Family Fun Run was a great success. For our first year, we managed to bring in many supporters and 20 registered total runners.

We are already excited to start working toward the 2018 Dream4Adoption Family Fun Run, which we are going to try to secure a date in September. We are going to look at all options for a location, as we hope to find a location where we do not have to pay a fee for use. Please keep checking our site to keep up with the developments.

This event is a family event and we are welcoming our registered guests to come to our  event, meet some local families and build some bonds with a good cause. Family is not always by birth and we wish to celebrate family no matter how you identify.

We plan to have water and snacks provided for our registered guests. We certainly want to make sure our guests stay hydrated, as well as, have the ability to catch a quick snack before or after the run.

It is our goal to put together as many items as we can for a silent auction for the event. We are looking for sponsors and ideas from anyone that can help. Thus far, we have a few donated items already gathered for the event.

We are planning to pull together a few local donors to be part of our event. We are still looking for a few local, small businesses that believe in family to sponsor a table, sponsorship for the t-shirts or any other way in which they can be part of this Dream4Adoption event.

Egg My Yard

A big thank you to all the participants in this event held earlier this year.

We delivered nearly 1,000 eggs to the yards of families for Easter this year. Each filled with a little something for the kids, I am sure that it made a surprise that they will not soon forget.

Our plan is to continue this tradition next year in support of our organization. It is truly a great way to support families and a cause at the same time.

In order to facilitate a wider delivery range, we will be asking for volunteers that can egg yards along with us. Our goal is to deliver in the Sugar Land, Richmond, Rosenberg and surrounding areas. Please contact us if you are interested.

Dream4Adoption Email from Santa

Email from Santa is a fundraiser for Dream4Adoption, a 501c3 organization. This program is set to respond to your child or children’s email to Santa. Santa has a special agreement with Dream4Adoption and an email address that will allow your child to send a letter to Santa and also receive a reply. The registration form will allow for special details that can be included in the response. Examples of the type of cookies left for Santa or maybe one of those holiday traditions that can be referenced in the reply. Santa does know who is naughty or nice, so Santa would be happy to put a reminder for the boys and girls to be good. Santa wants to be sure to include everything to make this experience a special event for the Christmas season.

Dream4Adoption is asking for a minimum donation for each child, for an Email from Santa. All donations qualify as tax deductible under the IRS rules and a donation receipt will be given for donations of $25 or more.