Egg My Yard 2021 was an amazing success and it couldn't have happened without the support of our volunteers whom spent countless hours packing eggs, counting eggs and delivering eggs.

Our grant cycle will be going through a small change starting this year. We will be moving the grant cycles by two months The March deadline will become May 31 and September will become November 30. There may be a few minor changes to the language in application process that we will try to make current for the beginning of the next cycle. Cycles will begin on July 1 and January 1 respectively.

5th Annual Egg My Yard - with extra steps to be COVID safe

Sign up while spots remain. Last year we had to stop taking orders due to demand. This year extra drive teams are being formed and trained to safely handle the egg deliveries (Mask, gloves, sanitizer, etc...). All orders will be filled and not touched for at least 3 days prior to delivery in a space without human contact. It is anticipated that we will be delivering a record amount of eggs and we hope not to turn anyone away.

Join us in helping adopting families and making Easter a special event during these special times. Choices of where and how to place the eggs are available and a text to let you know when we have arrived to deliver, if you choose.

For corporate and party sized orders, please contact us by email @ Dream4Adoption@gmail.com for details.

A new sponsor!

Dream4Adoption has added a special sponsor that promises 5% of purchases to go directly to our organization. Plum Krazy Creations has stepped up and we could not be happier. Please take a moment to visit their facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/PlumKrazyCreations

Finally able to get the Grant Cycle started

After a long wait to wrap up our previous cycle, the new grant cycle is officially open on June 1 and the deadline for submissions will be based on the regular schedule. Since contact with agencies and home study providers has been back on track, we have found that almost everyone has found ways to adapt to the changing climate with the last several months of events. Those that have applied for the last cycle should have notifications shortly.

Egg My Yard 2020 Complete

What a spectacular outpouring of support! Record number of deliveries and eggs for this year. Dream4Adoption worked extra hard to make everything extra safe and extra fun. The 5th annual Egg My Yard is already in motion. There are a few new things that we learned this year and we hope that year 5 will be our best yet!

If you like our event or our mission, please feel free to share, order next year, order for a friends yard, donate, host an event for us or even volunteer to help. This event brings a massive feeling of community as we serve the entire Greater Houston area. Dream4Adoption has been blessed with new relationships that have come through this event.

Our goal of supporting adoption feels like a joy and that is especially true with Egg My Yard.

Egg My Yard 2020 update

Egg my Yard 2020 over tripled in size this year. Due to the COVID situation, Dream4Adoption had to stop taking orders. Numbers of volunteers were lower this year and the necessity for extra safety measures had stretched us thin enough that we just could not produce any more orders, nor did we have any other drivers to be able to take on this massive delivery task. It melts our heart to see our fundraiser grow to this level.

2021 Egg My Yard will be working behind the scenes starting Monday. The goal is to at least double the number of deliveries for next year. Please join in next year and support adoption with this unique and fun event.

Grant Cycle Fall 2020

The next Dream4Adoption Adoption Assistance Grant will be postponed until further notice. The grant page is not available, but anyone having trouble getting the application sent in, should do so in the next week or two. We are allowing some extra time for delivery of mail and for those having difficulty getting out.

Due to the virus concerns, Adoptions, funding and the economy in a whirlwind. Once Dream4Adoption can get financially recovered and the other pieces of the puzzle begin to fit back into place, we will alert everyone to the next cycle dates.

Stay positive, keep yours dreams alive and hopefully society can come back stronger!

A new year, a new decade and a new beginning

As children in the foster care system and around the world in orphanages are waiting for a home and yet others are being placed into the system, Dream4Adoption is working hard to create programs and solutions to help these children have the family and love that they deserve. Whether you are adopting, adopted or want a place to support adoption, please join Dream4Adoption in making adoption a reality.

Egg My Yard 2020

Egg my Yard 2019 was very close to raising enough for a full grant. 2020 Dream4Adoption will be giving that extra push to see if we can indeed be able to provide one grant from this fundraiser. This is our favorite local event and Dream4Adoption will be launching the fundraiser early. It is our hope that we can reach a larger crowd and deliver all across Houston Texas. Anyone wanting eggs filled and delivered by mail, can contact us through email for arrangements.

Keeping up to date

Please see all the latest information on our Facebook page and click the link below.


Donate to the Cause

We are now a 501(c)3 organization

Please help with a donation or sign up for a monthly contribution. Become a part of our mission and our dream, as we Connect the World, One Child at a Time.

Events and Planning

Events are the centerpiece in our approach to building bonds with our staff, clients and partners in funding. Our highlight is a family fun run in Rosenberg, Texas. This fun run is the celebration of our success, but more so, it is the opportunity to gather all the teams and members that help to make dreams come true. We also put together many other small fundraising efforts to fund the Dream4Adoption, take a look through the other pages.

Apply for Assistance

For adopting families seeking monetary help with their home study phase. Our founders recognize the struggle to afford some of the costs for adoption. While going through their own adoption process, they found no assistance for this step.

We invite your family to grow with us in the journey to change to life of a child.

Our Mission

To assist in the initial steps of adoption for first time adopting families, through a monetary donation to their home study and other services, assistance, and support as needed for adopting families.

Whether the home study is included in your agency fees or if you are required to submit payment to an independent company, we hope to help many families to grow through our assistance.

Domestic or international adoptions are welcome to apply, however, we currently only have the ability to fund families that are citizens of the United States.

We look forward to being a part of your family as it grows and builds the bonds that show we are all connected.